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Get your Golden Meditations on and get started on Internal Balance

Golden Fist ™ Training Method - Meditation and Qi Gong

A focus on building and maintaining your strength from the inside out!

Golden Fist™ Training Method focuses on building your physical strength from the inside out using a series of meditations based on Chinese Qi Gong yoga, along with active visualization, you’ll learn to balance, the “3 elixir fields“ in your body, in order to harness, cultivate, and properly utilize your body‘s internal “engine“. The goal is to create internal strength that will not only increase your physical power, but also help you build up your body’s innate energetic healing system.

Follow along with Sifu Jonny as he guides you through the Golden Meditations that you can practice before and after your workouts, or at any time during the day. Coupled with the meditations are some calming music tracks and guided meditation tracks, which are specifically in tune with the meditations, and are available for streaming or download from almost every digital service.

It’s time to destress, calm your mind/body, and balance your inner being!