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Developed by 30+ year martial arts expert, Sifu Jonny Blu,  The Golden Fist Training Method is a high-energy hybrid cardio HIIT fitness program based on the main facets of Shaolin Kung Fu, Kenpo Karate and Qi Gong Yoga.  With a combination of stance and movement training, targeted striking and kicking, and quick succession cardio movements, along with meditative and breathing exercises, GFTM focuses on training your body’s central nervous system (CNS) to build strength, agility, awareness and confidence.  This is achieved by focusing on the elements of proper body structure, self-protection training, enhancing your body’s dynamic internal energy system and controlling muscle strength, breathing and the explosive power that is generated from the “core” energy field in your body (as the Chinese internal arts refer to as your “Elixir Fields” or “Dan Tian”).

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The greatest fighters and martial artists of all time have one major thing in common: Perfect body structure.

In the Martial Arts, learning and maintaining proper body structure is a key element in properly executing strikes, blocks and kicks with maximum precision, timing, targeting and energy.  Without proper body structure, our body cannot efficiently deliver strikes or maintain efficient movement, which is partly why most street fights quickly end up on the ground, with two breathless opponents.  While most in-home or studio training programs don’t focus on structure or stance and movement training, this is a major element of The Golden Fist Training Method.


Our body generates an incredible amount of energy.

But, that energy throughout our lives is wasted because most of our sports, aerobics and martial arts don’t have a specific focus on cultivating, controlling and properly utilizing that energy.  Through a series of breathing and meditative Qi Gong exercises and visualizations, The Golden Fist Training Method teaches you to combine proper energy circulation with a symbiotic breathing-to-movement reflex that will optimize your power and your general health and well-being.


Connecting Movement/Breathing/Energy

Achieving maximum power by combining energy efficiency, steady breathing and perfect body structure are the main tenets of achieving control over our mind and our body.  The Golden Fist Training Method will teach you to control your output of energy based on the circumstances you encounter in self-protection and in all aspects of your life.


“The Way is the Training”.

In any life pursuit, training and repetition is the key to success.  The Golden Fist Training Method was created to give you a lifelong method of building and maintaining the strength of your physical and energetic body.  This program will not only increase your strength and agility, but through consistent training, repetition and diligence, it will build your confidence to positively affect all aspects of your life.

Why learn Self-Protection and Martial Arts?

In today’s fast-paced and uncertain world, many people may feel vulnerable, anxious, and stressed. However, practicing martial arts and self-defense techniques can be the ideal solution to these concerns. By engaging in martial arts, individuals can enhance many aspects of their lives, both physically and mentally.  Apart from the physical benefits, martial arts practitioners develop a sense of personal security, which is invaluable in today’s world. The ability to defend oneself is essential not only for one’s physical safety, but it also contributes to a person’s psychological well-being.

Furthermore, cultivating martial arts knowledge creates an opportunity for individuals to develop valuable relationships with like-minded people. This sense of community is especially helpful for individuals who seek connection and support in life.  The importance of martial arts cannot be overstated. It offers multifold benefits, ranging from physical fitness, mental strength, and self-confidence to life protection and a sense of community. It fosters a holistic approach to personal development, allowing individuals to become their best selves and thrive in all areas of life.  And this is our goal for you at Golden Fist Training Method!

Frequently Asked Questions

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The patented Golden Fist ™ Training Circle is the physical template for your training using the Golden Fist Training Method.  The training is based around controlled movement, stability and structure, and the Training Circle is your guide!

The custom designed Golden Fist ™ Fight Gloves are meant to facilitate you learning the “compress and release” action when delivering hand strikes used in the Golden Fist Training Method.  The are also exceptionally sturdy and are excellent for use on punching bags or with fight training pads.  And they also look awesome!

There is simply no comparison.  Golden Fist Training Method is the ONLY martial arts based fitness program that combines real life, nervous system based fight training with aerobic exercise and internal arts.  This unique combination of focused training sets GFTM apart from any other fitness program in the world.

The short answer is: YES.  Golden Fist Fight Gloves are made of the most durable, eco-friendly PU (polyurethane) Leather material, so they can take more wear than any other glove available.  The are also machine stitched so that every part of the glove will resist ripping or fraying at the seams.  And the palm area is made of a breathable and flexible mesh for greater comfort and stability, and with a double wrap, Velcro strap for added wrist joint protection.

No.  The Golden Fist Training Method is a program specifically designed to start you from the ground up, laying the foundation for your knowledge of fight training as well as your foundation for fitness.  Whether you have some or no martial arts or fitness training background, GFTM is built to accommodate all skill levels.  

Get your gear from the Golden Fist Store and get to training!  All training videos are free online from our YouTube Channel.  Just search “Golden Fist Training Method” and join Jonny Blu to get started on your path to fitness, balance, confidence and internal and external strength!