Golden Fist Martial Arts for Kids
Golden Fist Martial Arts for Kids


Golden Fist™ Training Method, developed by Black Belt Instructor Sifu Jonny Blu, is a new and revolutionary approach in teaching martial arts, self defense and fitness training to adults, teens and children. Based on the principle fighting and movement techniques of Kenpo Karate, the animal movement and training forms of Shaolin Kung Fu, the mind/body/breathing connection from Chinese Qi Gong Yoga and Tai Chi and aerobic exercise, Sifu Jonny Blu has developed this Central Nervous System (CNS) training to teach people of all ages and skill levels a powerful new way to learn how to not only defend themselves, but also to maintain health and fitness without injury. GFTM is designed to make learning martial arts more accessible to people who might not have the time in their lives and schedules to explore learning traditional martial arts. Whether you are new to fitness and martial arts, or a seasoned pro, Golden Fist Training Method has something to offer everyone of all ages. Our studio is located in the heart of Toluca Lake, CA and we are convenient to all areas in the San Fernando Valley including Burbank, Glendale, Studio City, North Hollywood, Universal City, Sherman Oaks and Encino. Come in now for group classes or individual instruction and see what GFTM is all about!


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Class Info:
4PM & 5PM Classes (50 Minutes)
$99/Month per Child/Teen (price reduction for siblings)

Golden Fist Training Method & Martial Arts

10660 Riverside Drive
Unit E (Upstairs)
Toluca Lake, CA 91602
(on Riverside Drive, between Lankershim and Cahuenga)



Golden Fist Martial Arts classes are now available at the new Golden Fist Studio in Toluca Lake, CA and are taught only by creator of the Golden Fist Training Method, Sifu Jonny Blu!  Golden Fist Training Method Studio is also a Family Owned business, by Toluca Lake locals Sifu Jonny Blu and his wife Jacqueline and son Atlas!

Sifu Jonny Blu developed his GF Kids Martial Arts system unlike any other studio in the world. Teaching a hybrid of Shaolin Kung Fu (Southern 5 Animals Style), Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate, Mok Ga (Monk Fist) and Chinese Qi Gong, Sifu Jonny uses a revolutionary approach to teaching these martial arts to kids and teens, using a method he developed over 30 years of teaching and learning.  GF Martial Arts takes a practical, “real world” approach to teaching self defense and was inspired by the same style and methods of martial arts luminaries like Bruce Lee and Grandmaster Ed Parker. In GFMA, your child/teen will receive detailed and individualized instruction in Kenpo Karate and “Monk Fist” techniques, movement and structure drills, breathing (using Chinese Qi Gong Yoga), situational awareness, as well as traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Animal forms that combine all of these traits.  And above all, your child will be learning martial arts in a safe and very fun environment!

Another integral part of the GFMA experience is the use of Sifu Jonny’s patented (pending) Training Circle, which utilizes a grid and number system, to embed the necessary movement, balance, control and structural elements of learning the martial arts with greater efficiency and stability.  This method also increases a student’s stamina, by maximizing power and and minimizing unnecessary movement that you often see with other martial arts training.  Using this technology has been already proven to increase a child’s confidence when learning martial arts, and therefore increasing their interest and motivation to continue their training for longer periods of time!

Sifu Jonny has 30+ years of training in and teaching martial arts. He holds multiple black belt degrees in Shaolin Kung Fu and Kenpo Karate, Monk Fist, and the internal arts of Tai Qi and Qi Gong.

Golden Fist Martial Arts is a NEW and PRACTICAL approach to learning martial arts and fitness for your child, so come in and try it out for yourself!



Student in fighting stance pose at Golden Fist Martial Arts for Kids (Kung Fu + Kenpo Karate) taught by Sifu Jonny Blu at Golden Fist Training Method studio in Toluca Lake, CA 91602

Why learn GF Kids Martial Arts?

Kung Fu/Kenpo/Qi Gong Hybrid
Increase Confidence
Learn Self-Protection
Build Strength
Gain Balance and Flexibility
Mind/Body/Breathing Alignment

Equipment/Gear: (One Time Cost) = $135

Total Includes:

Golden Fist Training Circle

Golden Fist Kung Fu Pants

Golden Fist T-Shirt

Golden Fist Sash & Patches

Age Groups:

Golden Tigers – 5 to 8 year olds

Golden Leopards – 8 to 11 year olds

Golden Dragons – 11 to 15 year olds

How To Sign Up:

Sifu Jonny Blu training his GFMA Students at Golden Fist Training Method and Martial Arts studio in Toluca Lake, California in 2024

More about Golden Fist™ Martial Arts for Kids & Teens


Developed by Black Belt/Black Sash Instructor  Sifu Jonny Blu Klamer, Golden Fist Martial Arts (GFMA) for Kids is a practical and “real world” martial arts training system that is designed to teach your child or young teenager self-defense martial arts and to learn  “situational awareness”.  We utilize the core elements of Shaolin 5 Animals Kung Fu (Forms), Kenpo Karate and Monk Fist (fight training), along with using Qi Gong Yoga (breathing and meditation).  It’s self protection, self defense and self discipline through balance, cardio fitness, positivity and fun!

At GFMA, we focus on training our student’s Central Nervous System (CNS) response through a series of focused movement and balance drills, controlled breathing exercises, Kenpo  Karate based techniques and Shaolin Kung Fu animal forms.  Using the Golden Fist Training Circle, students develop an instinctive and sub-conscious ability to maintain perfect structure, posture and highly efficient movement while practicing these specially designed drills, techniques and forms.  The Golden Fist ™ Training Circle has been proven to accelerate learning martial arts in both kids and adults!

GFMA is not a  “militaristic” style martial arts studio. While we do teach various one-on-one fight training techniques, we do not engage in any fight sparring or hand to hand combat, as this type of training for young people tends to actually have a negative effect on self-esteem and most often leads to young people abandoning the martial arts altogether. And we want you to stay in this for life!

At GFMA, above all we aim to teach your child or teenager how to avoid conflict through building skill, strength and awareness!

Start you child or teenager on a path to increased confidence, physical and emotional balance and stability, health and strength through fitness and a complete mind/body/situational awareness that will help in all facets of life!

Sifu Jonny Blu training his GFMA Students at Golden Fist Training Method and Martial Arts studio in Toluca Lake, California in 2024
Golden Fist Training Method - Grand Opening in Toluca Lake, CA on May 4 2023