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“Find the calm, the fire, and the ferocity within!” 

Golden Flow Yoga classes are rooted in Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga.  This style of movement is based in myo-fascial and yoga alignment. This means looking at the lines through our body that build strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility.  This style of yoga focuses on the power generated from the ground lifting through our bodies, emphasizing the fluidity and wave like motions as we transition from pose to pose.  This will allow you to access deep into your core, building strength and tapping into your empowerment center.  It is a flow class and as such we move with our breath dynamic rather than long holding poses. Train at your comfortable pace and start to really connect and listen to your body.

Each month I will design a theme that will take us through every week and watch ourselves blossom together.

It’s time to destress, calm your mind/body and balance your inner being!


I have been a “mindful mover” all my life and I love to share this with all those who would like to join me. For me, yoga is longevity. It is a way to both find the calm, the fire, and the ferocity within. My hope is that my students learn self empowerment through my classes—something that transcends from the mat to our everyday lives.

I have a BA degree in human movement and modern dance—a strong passion of mine. I have been practicing yoga for 20 years around the world and teaching for 6 years. I trained in NYC for foundational yoga training 200 RYT and then returned to LA and furthered my education. I found Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Shred which opened up my world! With the same awesome trainers, I dove deeper with somatic and myo-fascial release and that has served as the foundation of my teaching. 

These forms of movement are based in strong anatomical alignment, giving us longevity, wellness, fitness and mind, body and breath connection for a holistic experience throughout our lives. I am here as your teacher, but encourage you to find your inner self, your inner strength, your inner warrior, while being sure not to forget to dance, laugh and have fun!